Case Studies

Indian Army Access Network


Client Profile

  • Our client is a highly prestigious army unit responsible for frontline defense in Rajasthan.

Key Challenges

  • Highly time-bound project to be completed in 90 days
  • Difficult desert terrain and extreme weather
  • Frequent sandstorms
  • Resistance of labour to take up the project
  • Stringent quality requirements
  • Unavailability of regular machinery such as JCB Machine due to the sandy terrain
  • Connectivity to be provided to 5 nodal agencies spread over an area of 400 Sq. Kms
  • Terminal equipment of 3 different makes to be integrated

Solution Offered

  • Our design team came up with an innovative trenching machine using the traditional agricultural tractor
  • As a result of this innovation the project was completed in 82% of the project estimated time
  • Labour issues were resolved by the experienced Project management team and an employee incentive program was introduced to improve manpower productivity by 50%


  • 90 KM project completed in a record time of 74 days
  • Speed and efficiency with which the project was carried out created waves within the industry